Hello, I'm Semih Delil


About Me

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I am a graphic designer from Ankara (Turkey), and my main field of interest focuses on practices associated with illustration, typography design, UI design, animation, digital publishing and all sort of printed matter related with visual communication.

Over the years I have worked with agency and brands from all points of the spectrum.
Most recently with many divisions of VindeSoft, Netmera, Nestle, Yorumla and many others.

Currently, I work as lecturer at Başkent Univesity and art director at VindeSoft.

MY Work

A bunch of things that I’ve done so far


Education, Exhibitions, Awards, Workshops.

2011 - 2014 Gazi University Institute of Education Sciences Graphic Education Master's Degree
2005 - 2010 Baskent University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design & Architecture Department of Visual Arts & Design
1996 - 2000 Zübeyde Hanım Vocational School Graphic Design

Exhibitions, Awards, Workshops

2012 Lonesome collection of Özyeğin University and Family Collection.
2011 IV. World Suicide Prevention Day Poster Design
2010 Visual Park 2 Want and Wonderful World
2010 Hacettepe University Graphic Design Workshop
2009 Hacettepe University Graphic Design Workshop
2008 Grafist 12
2008 19. Ankara International Film Festival Promotion Project
2007 Siemens Art Borders and Orbits '2
2004 Başkent University Ata 1881 Documentary

My Shorts

2012 Aşkımız Her Zamanki Gibi Tehlikede
2010 Wonderful World
2009 Human Behavior
2009 Dali & Gala
2008 Want
2007 Lonesome

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